Home and Property Insurance

Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners insurance protects you from insured events that damage your home or your belongings. This type of insurance guarantees security for your family, peace of mind for you and your spouse, and safeguarding what you value. There is much to consider when it comes to homeowners insurance, and we will guide you through the process of making sure you have the right coverage. Protect what is yours.

Renters Insurance
Renters insurance helps protect yourself and your belongings if you experience the unexpected. A landlord will have an insurance policy that covers the building, however it will not cover yourself or your personal items. It can also provide liability coverage if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property. In many cases, coverage can be arranged for less than a dollar a day.

Mobile Home Insurance
Mobile home insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, but is much more specialized and affordable. Did you know it comes with guest medical protection that covers the cost of medical expenses for a person who is injured while on your property? You may also find optional coverage you won’t see in a homeowner’s insurance policy, like trip collision coverage to repair your mobile home if it’s damaged while moving between locations.

Farm Insurance
A farm can be more than your place of business; it can also be your home. That is why you need a tailored policy which combines multiple coverage into one convenient package which provides broad and flexible coverage for both your personal and business needs. A farm insurance policy covers your property and provides liability coverage that can be matched to what best fits you. You need to make sure that what you have worked hard to build is protected.

Personal Property Insurance
Most people have more valuable possessions than they realize. Items like jewelry, cameras, sporting equipment, musical instruments, computer equipment and other collectibles add up quickly. A personal insurance policy can provide the additional coverage needed to ensure your possessions are protected. Let us tailor insurance coverage for you.

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